Definitions to help understand a Wig

Human Hair Wigs are made up with human hair. Human hair wigs provide you with the most realism. You can straighten with a flat iron or curl with rollers on low heat, just like your original hair. The human

hair comes "pre-styled” either curly or straight.

Synthetic Wigs
(not human hair) have “memory,” which means they retain their curl and volume even after washing properly. Synthetic fibers can hold a "pre-styled" texture: curly, wavy, or straight. Higher quality synthetic

hair wigs are almost impossible to differentiate from human hair. Do not style synthetic wigs with heat or chemicals.See proper care instructions and do not use hot water.

Cap Constructions

Capless construction gives the effect of the natural scalp. This allows the wearer to have versatility with parting, and styling of the wig. The crown is constructed by vertical lace strips with open spaces between wefts. These openings allow a lighter and more breathable cap construction.

Monofilament Cap(also called mono tops)

Monofilament Caps use a fine mesh that allows the color of the scalp to show through making it to look extremely natural. The mesh is breathable and is the gentlest on the scalp. Each individual strand of hair is hand tied to the monofilament. It is this individual attachment process that is being referred to in the name Monofilament.

Weft or Lace Front
Weft or lace front have a lace section at the crown (refers to top rear portion of the head) allowing the wearer to part the wig to either side or brush the hair in any direction. Broader spacing between each individual weft indicates

construction techniques known as “thin wefted”. The wider the gap between wefts the greater the wig's ability to breathe and disperse heat.

¾ Caps or Fall Wigs

¾ Caps or Fall Wigs construction style is approximately ¾ of the size of a full cap and is usually constructed using the wefted technique. They are designed to allow the wearer to use their own hair to show at the front and on the sides as far back as the ears. Some may come with a head band or band of fabric along the front of the piece to create a break between color of the wig or hair piece and the color of the wearer's own hair. This allows for very natural look all day confident look.

Pure Stretch Cap Wigs

Pure Stretch cap wigs have a soft elastic construction. Pure Stretch caps are very comfortable, due to the soft elastic, light-weight, breathable cap wig construction.


Refers to hair in the front of the head that is worn down over the forehead.


Refers to back of the neck, hairline to up back of head.


Refers to top rear portion of the head.

Taper or Tapered Nape

Refers to starting the hair short at the neck edge, and gradually increasing the length of hair as you move toward the top of the head.

Layer or "Layering"

Refers to different lengths throughout the hair style.

Refers to gradually increasing the length of hair as you move toward the top of the head.
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