Synthetic Vs. Human Hair Wigs

Synthetic Vs. Human Hair Wigs
What’s on your Head?
To the average person the words synthetic hair brin
gs up images of cheesy Halloween costume wigs and p
looking hair. Most people also assume that human ha
ir will look better and therefor is better. But the
truth is that a
synthetic hair wig can be almost indistinguishable
from human hair wigs. So what's the difference?
Factor 1: Cost of Synthetic vs Human Hair
A few factors come into play when choosing between
Synthetic vs Human hair wigs. First and foremost is
Human Hair Wigs
can be a lot more expensive than
Synthetic Hair Wigs
for several reasons. The first being that
it comes from humans and so is harder to obtain tha
n synthetic hair which can simply be made in a fact
ory. Even the
cheapest human hair wigs are close to five hundred
dollars, but for everyday use this can be worth it.
This is partially
because human hair wigs will last overall much long
er than synthetic but they are harder to care for i
n the long run as
Factor 2: Types of Human Hair Wigs
There are typically four types of hair that is used
for human hair wigs; Chinese, Indian, Indonesian a
Caucasian/European. The majority of human hair wigs
are made using Chinese hair but higher quality one
s do use
Indian and Indonesian hair. These three types of ha
ir most often come in straight black or dark colors
. In order to
turn such hair into a curly red or blond wig, for e
xample, much bleaching and styling is required and
in the result the
hair can lose its luster and vitality.
The best made human hair wigs typically come from C
aucasians or people from Eastern European countries
. This is
because they have lighter colored hair and it can e
asily be colored and changed. Unfortunately this ty
pe of hair also
costs more because fewer people are willing to part
with their beautiful blond locks.
Factor 3: How Wigs are Made
Another factor that influences cost is how the wigs
are made. For human hair wigs to work correctly th
e cuticles of the
hair must be in the same direction. This makes brus
hing and styling much easier, as well as minimizing
tangles. But
to keep the cuticles in order, more work is require
d of the wig makers. This is a factor that doesn't
affect synthetic hair
because of the way it's made.
Factor 4: How to Take Care of Wigs
The next factor that comes into play when deciding
what type of wig to choose is how much time you hav
e to put into
caring for it. Synthetic wigs are made using chemic
al polymers which makes them easy to care for. Whil
e human hair
requires more intensive care every time it's used.
Synthetic wigs can be cut and brushed, however they
can only be cared for with specially made wig care
Normal shampoos and conditioners cannot be used on
synthetics. In addition, curling irons or any produ
ct that
applies heat cannot be used as it will melt and rui
n the synthetic wig. This makes styling more diffic
Human hair on the other hand can be cared for any w
ay you would for natural hair, and it can be washed
with regular
products. However, caring for a human hair wig is d
efinitely more work than caring for a synthetic one
. Just like
natural hair they must be washed, conditioned, drie
d, and styled frequently. Since it was once natural
hair it has some
of the same problems that it used to have, that is
frizzing and tangling occurs. And again, like natur
al hair, human
hair wigs can lose their style if they get wet. Thi
s can make styling difficult to maintain on rainy d
Factor 5: How to Style Synthetic vs Human Hair Wigs
This brings up the next factor in choosing real ver
sus synthetic hair: how to style it. For versatilit
y human hair is the
way to go, it can be dyed and styled using curling
irons, straighteners and other such products. It ca
n become
whatever style you want it to be in whatever color
you desire. Synthetic however cannot be so easily c
hanged. But not
all is lost for synthetic hair, the polymers in syn
thetic hair allow the wig to better hold its shape
even after it's been
washed. This means it requires a lot less maintenan
ce than real hair and styling doesn't have to be do
ne frequently.
Synthetic hair can be colored but not in the same w
ay real hair can. This makes it more difficult to c
hange from one
color to another. But, the lower price of synthetic
vs human hair means that it is easier to afford ne
w styles and colors
of wigs more often.
Conclusion: Should you choose Synthetic or Human Ha
ir Wigs
So which should you choose, human hair or synthetic
? It all depends on what you want to do with it, fo
r everyday use
human hair is the better choice. It is versatile, e
asy to style, and looks natural. If you don't mind
the cost or the more
constant maintenance human hair requires then that'
s the wig for you. For once in a while fun or for a
affordable day to day use, synthetic is the way to
go. Although it's harder to modify or change, it co
mes in many styles
and colors and will hold its style for a longer tim
e with a lot less maintenance.