Basic care for Human Hair Extensions

Thinking of purchasing Hair Extensions? Here are four basic care tips to keep your extensions healthy

and like new! Hair extensions are very much similar to your own hair. All the things we do to keep our real hair healthy and strong, you do the same for hair extensions.


• Shampooing hair extensions is a little different from when we wash our own hair. When washing our own

hair, we like to really lather our scalps well, and scrub, scrub, scrub... When you have hair extensions in or just want to wash extensions, you want to be more, gentle than you usually are when washing your own hair. Avoid scrunching hair towards top of head, allow hair to hang naturally as you shampoo and rinse, the same sequence applies for conditioning extensions.


• A wide tooth comb is your best option for detangling extensions, to avoid snagging and splitting ends of hair. When combing you should always start at the ends of hairand work your way up to the top of head.


• Drying extensions... air drying is your best option. In the event of time being the essence, drying ex

tensions with a Hair Blow Dryer at low heat will work in a pinch. Best practice would be the air drying technique.


• Curling Extensions... low heat iron is very important when curling extensions. This will help keep ext

extensions in good condition. If you wish to use rollers, use soft Velcro rollers. After washing, dry extensions to the point where they are still damp, not completely dry. Roll extensions in rollers and let them air dry (make sure extensions are completely dry before removing rollers).

We hope this helps you with taking care of your hair extensions. Here at Images Wigs we love to offer our expert advice. If you have any questions please call 262-497-5399